Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sparklehorse - Dragging Pianos -Stockholm 21.09.1998 SOUNDBOARD

Sparklehorse - Dragging Pianos -Stockholm 21.09.1998 SOUNDBOARD

This is probably the most well known and widely available of all Sparklehorse live shows, Im pretty sure I had it myself many years ago BUT here we have the full quality soundboard master. An essential Sparklehorse concert. Enjoy

01 Spirit dutch
02 Someday i will you good
03 Saturday
04 Heart of darkness
05 Junebug
06 Cruel sun
07 Hundreds of sparrows
08 Tears of fresh fruit
09 Maria's little elbows
10 Painbirds
11 Sunshine
12 Homecoming queen
13 All night long
14 Happy man
15 Saint mary
16 Pig

download part 1 - new link 15.11.09
download part 2 - new link 15.11.09

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this live-post. i'm gonna listen to it very carefully. lucky enough had the change to see Mark a few times, and speak to him. he signed my ticket: best witches!