Saturday, 6 December 2008

Low - Bennington College VT 06.09.1999

Low - Bennington College VT 06.09.1999

Lineage: FOB DAT master (2 AKG C535EB microphones > TLA tube mic preamp > rackmount Sony DAT recorder @ 44.1kHz) - Transfer: Sony portable DAT > Audiomedia III > Sound Designer II > SoundEdit 16 > WAV > SHN > xACT > .flac Taped by Phil S

I thought is was about time we had some Low posted. The first time I heard Sigur ros (thanks Elin) I was also given a Low CD to listen to, so I have a fond affinity for Low A lot of the following Low concerts have a bit of an upbeat quality where as this one contains for the most part their slower songs. This is probably my favourite. Its so delicate, fragile but powerful. Enjoy
Ps the sound quality on this one is 10/10

Track List:

01 I Remember
02 Starfire
03 Weight of Water
04 Missouri
05 Don't Understand
06 Words
07 Shame
08 Lord Can You Hear Me
09 No Need, Immune
10 Soon
11 Over the Ocean
12 Will the Night

[MF] Download new link 07.2011


Sigurrós Elín Birgisdóttir said...

Hah just wanted to say my first name is Sigurrós not Elín :D
our name system here in Iceland is pretty different.. don´t really know why I saw this but I was just looking at some stuff on google and then I decided to google my name and this came up. Nice blog :)

-Sigurrós Elín

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

nice to hear from you :) Its quite an 'Icelandic Inspired' blog in many ways as you'll appreciate by most of the posts!
Have fun, hope you find something you like xxx

JB said...

i was at this show--fell in love with low within the first two minutes. a life-changing experience... your files are no longer on the links that you've posted. i would love to have them. do you still have them?

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

hey JB. New Links coming :)