Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sigur ros - Grand Rex Paris - 13.02.2003 Re-Master 2008

Sigur ros - Grand Rex Paris - 13.02.2003 Re-Master 2008

Its been a while since the last proper Sigur ros post. Apologies for that. I will more than make up for this in the near future !
A lovely concert from that amazing 2003 period. Its a little hissy in quieter parts but this is un-noticeable later on. In terms of line-up this is a great show. Of particular note is a slow version of Gong which has Jonsi giving it his all. Relatively rare live performances of Staralfur and Guitardjamm are also here. Enjoy this great concert. (This will replace the lower bitrate version of this concert)

Track List:

01 Vaka
02 Mílanó
03 Starálfur
04 Njósnavélin
05 Ný batterí
06 Samskeyti
07 Gong
08 E-Bow
09 Viðrar vel til loftárása
10 Hafssól
11 Gítardjamm
12 Popplagið

download part1

download part2
(part 3 reported as not working)

(in one link) - Apologies if you have to download some tracks again.

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can you upload part 3 of this concert?