Saturday, 15 November 2008

French Teen Idol - French Teen Idol

French Teen Idol - French Teen Idol


French Teen Idol is a solo project out of Rome, Italy from Andrea Di Carlo. His music is strongly in the post-rock camp with influences from bands such as Mogwai, and God is an Astronaut. There is a strange and beautiful synthesis going on that melds together bits of rock, electronic, and ambient. Sometimes calming, sometimes disquieting, Teen French Idol makes for some very interesting listening. Two albums are currently available as free downloads. The first album is self-titled and available from the Nishi netlabel. The first track sets the formula; keyboards and string-like electronic in a repeating melody adding keyboard and string-like electronics in an emotional crescendo. It is a simple formula that works well in Di Carlo’s hands. “Your Fault” is an especially good example of the enjoyable tension Teen French Idol is capable of. The sophomore album Enlightened False Consciousness is released by Lost Children. The orchestral patterns with building tension continues but the atmosphere leans toward moody and slightly dark. This album is even more dream inducing. The title track and “The Longest Night” are two of the best tracks.
10/10 perfekt!


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