Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Sigur ros - Tabernacle Atlanta 27.03.2003

Sigur ros - Tabernacle Atlanta 27.03.2003

Lineage unknown 192kbps

A great concert containing an epic collection of songs including: a haunting rendition of Milano, Salka, Gong and Smaskifa. Ive been reading a few concert reviews lately and would like to include the following because it mirrors a temperament which is repeated time and time again:
- (the experience of Sigur ros I mean, not the audience noise!!) -

' this was my first sigur rós concert, as they have long been one of my favorite bands. i had no idea what was in store for me. this has been the most incredible concert experience of my life. the only thing that bothered me was the persistent redneck yelling from the balcony. but it didn't seem to phase the band. i've never seen a more passionate band onstage. when jónsi sang the high-pitched chorus in "track 1", tears came from my eyes. and track 8...words can not explain. this was a religious experience, to say the very least. god bless sigur rós '
(hunter dorne)

Track List:

01 Vaka
02 Mílanó
03 Ný batterí
04 Gong
05 Olsen Olsen
06 Salka
07 Viðrar vel til loftárása
08 Smaskifa
09 Sven-G-Englar
10 Popplagið

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download part2 fix

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J Arthur said...

I'm being prompted for a password when I try to copy files.

victoryrose said...

sorry buddy, its an older one. pass should be : victoryrosemusic.

ps. in the photo next to your name it looks like you have just head butted a young chap! He in turn appears somewhat aggrieved!! :

J Arthur said...

Yeah! That's my son and we were just butting heads for the camera. It's an old picture. He's 14 years old now and last June I took him with me to the Sigur Ros concert in Kansas City. He likes a couple of their songs a lot ("Hoppipolla", "Gossoli", "Olsen Olsen") but he's not even close to being the fan that I am, so I'm not sure just how excited he was to see the show.

I'll try the password...for some reason my computer is not opening the video files. It read the "Vaka on Carson Daly" clip with no problem but all the others are not working. I'm sure it's on my end...if you think you might know what the problem is, let me know. I really would love to see some of those concerts you've got posted.

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

not sure wat the vid problem is. i use 7-zip. its free. u could try that.
here is a link for some DVD SR
Its nice your son likes some sigur ros. my parents like Eric clapton and thats it!!
theres been some discussion on sr board aboard about vid probs. here is link

J Arthur said...

Thanks, I'll check that out.

Just got a chance to listen to this Tabernacle concert...man, oh man, that redneck is INSANE. I can't imagine how the band could have not been a little amused by his outbursts. It just seemed so out of place in contrast to how "serious" (or I should say "cerebral") SR's music is...He must have gone to the concert alone, if you know what I mean. Just when I think the guy has settled into the rhythm of the crowd's appreciation and applause, there he goes again, WOOO HOOO, and the thing is, I really think he's sincerely passionate about the band and the show. I do not get the idea at all that he's trying to be obnoxious on purpose. Or if he even REALIZES how obnoxious he becomes.

I have to say that it DOES hinder my enjoyment of this particular concert. I think that will change, though, now that I know what to expect. I'm sure the redneck will one day be a trivia legend amongst Sigur Ros traders.

victoryrose said...

What a lovely view you have, Im sure you are right, he REALLY liked to show his appreciation ! Maybe we should just be happy he enjoyed himself. God knows there is enough unhappiness in the world as it is. If you keep having probs Email me and we will see about sending you the vids via snail mail :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was at this show! the download link seems to be broken.

Jon Par said...

ALL shows are now at victoryroselossless :)