Thursday, 27 November 2008

Sigur ros - St. Georges Church Brighton UK 21.04.2001- Re-Master

Sigur ros - St. Georges Church Brighton UK 21.04.2001- Re-Master

Lineage: Sony lapel mic --> Sharp Minidisc (mono mode) --> Cool Edit --> Light EQing and normalizing --> Master CD --> FLAC (level 8)

Another great oldie featuring Steindor Andersen. I wish I had been to this concert. Having lived in Brighton for a while I cant think of a more perfect location. From the taper:
Without doubt, this is the best gig I have ever seen. The venue - a still-consecrated Georgian church in a residential area in Brighton, not far from the seafront - was somehow perfect. We were first in, but sat in the third row for fear of the mics being spotted. The band were set up in the altar area. There was some light amplification, but not much due to the church's location and the fact that I reckon the band wanted the place's natural acoustics to be to the fore.

It was light - just - when the band came on. There was very little extra lighting to my recollection, but it didn't matter peering into the gloom as dusk came. As you'll be able to hear, the audience were respectfully silent for the most part apart from applause. It was the most incredible atmosphere you could imagine. A couple of hours later, after a sublime set, we left reeling towards the doors. People were in tears. I'm still not sure how we got home that night. Thanks to Alyssa for track corrections

Track List:
01 Fyrsta
02 Samskyeti
03 Von
04 Ný batterí
05 Hugann seiða svalli frá (with steindór andersen)
06 Kem ég enn af köldum heiðum
(with steindór andersen)
07 Fjöll í austri fagurblá (with steindór andersen)
08 Death song
09 Nyja lagið
10 Olsen Olsen
11 Hafssól
12 Svefn-G-Englar
13 Pop song

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rhubarbidoo said...

Hi Jon - thanks for posting this, just downloaded it but there's no track 7, which is another one with Steindór Andersen according to the tour pages on the SR site -

Any chance of another up?


Alyssa said...

As near as I can tell,

Track 5 is Hugann seiða svalli frá

Track 6 is Kem ég enn af köldum heiðum

Track 7 is Fjöll í austri fagurblá

all from Rimur EP

Alyssa said...

Also Track 02 is Samskyeti, not Untitled 8. It's correct when you download it, but just not in the listing above.

victoryrose said...

thanks so much - will change asap

Willow said...

The links are no longer active. I'm freakin out, man; but I'll check back. Big love!