Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Peter Broderick - Tour EP & Oddities and Sketches

Peter Broderick - Tour EP & Oddities and Sketches

Peter Broderick is a very talented musician and is fast becoming a firm favorite of mine. His two latest releases - 'Float' and 'Home' are both absolute must haves. Float is like a cross between Olafur Arnalds and Goldmund where as Home has similitudes to Helios and Explosions in the Sky's Friday Night Lights. If you enjoy any of these, you will love Peter's work. A review of 'Home' and some more information is supplied below

Bookmat' website:
Since his last full-length appearance (his highly acclaimed debut album 'Float' for the Type label), Peter Broderick has been a very busy man. Alongside writing and touring extensively (both on his own and as part of Efterklang's wonderful live band), Broderick has also had to contend with the intensifying adoration thrust his way by an ever increasing fanbase. For his Bella Union debut Broderick has, if anything, created an even more fully-realised collection of tracks, building on the soundscapes and vignettes of his debut to create fully-fledged songs somewhere between the worlds of traditional singer/songwriting and magical found sounds. Album opener 'Games' sets out the agenda perfectly with impressive, layered vocal harmonies and a sunday afternoon guitar strum that's momentarily joined at the very last minute by some intangible yet evocative field recordings that take you outside the confines of tradition. "And It's Alright' follows and must easily count as Broderick's most accomplished achievement to date, it's just one of those songs so perfectly structured and realised that you can't imagine ever not having heard it. It's so good, in fact, we'd even go as far as saying it sounds like a Mark Kozelek production, which in our world is just about as high a compliment as it gets. The album closes with a reprise/version of 'Games', this time round opting for a more abstract canvas that brings things to a contemplative, suitably cathartic close. Expect big things from this chap, 'Home' really is quite wonderful.

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