Sunday, 19 October 2008

Eluvium - Neumos-Seattle 03.06.2006 - REMASTER 2008

Eluvium - Neumos-Seattle 03.06.2006 - REMASTER 2008

This is an interesting one, quite different from his present shows. Most of the tracks here are just the piano and organ with the exception being on 'Under the water it glowed' at the end. I wasnt familiar with tracks although I noted the majority are on his recent album 'Indecripherable Text' Its an audience taping so apologies for the sporadic but consistent talking (not a criticism of the taper - its just a little unfortunate)
Thanks to Brian Connolly who originally taped and uploaded the show. From Brian: "The song titles were given to me by Matt himself so it's not like I made them up. Most of them are works in progress that he is still working on"


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