Monday, 20 October 2008

Parachutes - (Demo) 2008

Parachutes - (Demo) 2008

The music sounds very organic with layers of acoustic instruments, old marching drums, and gentile singing.
Parachutes (based in Reykjavik, Iceland) is the music of Alex Somers and Scott Alario, taking their name from the seeds of a dandelion flower. They began in 2003 with homemade bedroom recordings. Today they record their songs in the kitchen.Alex and Scott play lots of different toys and instruments and often sample objects from around the house. Their music develops organically, with layers of acoustic instruments, old marching drums and hushed vocals.The pair have finished two albums to date, both self-released, in handmade packaging and they are currently in Reykjavik making a new album. Recently the boys formed a full live band of seven members with good friends Þórdís Björt Sigþórsdóttir, Tinna Jóhanna Magnusson, Björn Pálmi Pálmason, Kári Hólmar Ragnarsson, and Brendan Glasson.The newly recorded Parachutes tracks were mixed by Jón Þór Birgisson (Sigur Rós) and feature the strings of Amiina.
Absolutely beautiful.

Having listened properly I must point out these songs are instrumental versions. The songs on the Tour EP have words

Track list:

01 Birdpumpkin
02 Paper Birds
03 Where Were You
04 Your Stories

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Hansen said...

Thanks for putting in all the hard work into having all these excellent recordings online. I bought the Parachute EP after one of the recent SR shows, and it is excellent.

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Thanks Hansen, As soon as they release their album Im definatly going to buy it. Frakker, Jonsi's side project is also quite similar. Worth a listen