Friday, 3 October 2008

Ólafur Arnalds - Live 11.08.2008 Cologne

Ólafur Arnalds 11.08.2008 Germany RE-MASTER 2008

An extraordinary modern composer from Iceland. Ólafur is only 21 years old yet composes work of such maturity and beauty it takes the breath away. This is a live audience bootleg recording which i wanted to include, because its such a pleasure to hear an audience captivated by the music of a support band and to hear them really appreciate this exquisite music
Thank you !Linus for the original upload. I have included his notes at his request

NB: Previously I used the words 'poor quality' It was only meant to be a comparison with TV or FM broadcast quality and did not reflect on the recording itself. The quality in itself is superb, a real treat. Sincere apologies to Linus for any misunderstanding

front-row recording
recorded by: !linus
techs: recorded on ipod using belking tunetalk stereo and sony ecm-719 microphone (autogain: on, mic setting: music)
editing: track splitting and conversion to mp3 using audacity/lame
format: mp3 192 kbps
duration: 30min 20sec
filesize: 41,8 MB

01. new song 01 (Cello Song)
02. fok
03. new song 02 (untitled)
04. 3055
05. Himininn er að hyrnja, en stjörnurnar fara Þér vel

feel free to share elsewhere, but always include this text, thanks


Password: victoryrosemusic

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