Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Sigur ros - Live HBO's Reverb 17.10.2001 - VIDEO

Sigur ros - Live HBO's Reverb 17.10.2001 - Video

I am very happy to post the video of this recent audio post. Out of all the Sigur ros videos i have seen, this one is my absolute favourite. Most of the time the entire stage is washed in blue lighting which seems to work very well. The video footage itself lends itself so well to the sound, focusing on all the right aspects, such as Jonsi's guitar and especially many glorious close up shots of Jonsi's face showing the concentration and precision that goes into the music. Also included are the two short interviews

Track List:

01 Ny Batteri
02 Interview 1
03 Sven-g-Englar
04 Interview 2
05 Olsen Olsen

download p1
download p2
download p3

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Amanda McAuley said...
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Amanda McAuley said...

I'm a bit by confused by this download. These file types aren't recognized by my comp and can't be unzipped or open in VLC media player. What info am I missing?

victoryrose said...

Hi Amanda
Using 7-zip (free utility+download)
Right click on file .001 and 'exract files' to a different folder and [hopefully] eh voila they will all extract & join automatically
email me if have any/more problems