Saturday, 4 October 2008

Sigur ros - ( ) (DEMO)

Sigur ros - ( ) (DEMO)

Only three songs here but they are quite different from the current album. The version of Popsong here is much much slower but lends itself beautifully to the crescendo at the end. The Deathsong had some very skittery feathery drum work and the main voice is processed differently, much less prominant. The final song, E-Bow is more sparse and gentle here but with a much funkyer drum beat

Track List:

01 Pop Song
02 Death Song
03 E-Bow


Password: victoryrosemusic


Fran said...

oh, I'm so glad to you for this wonderful work... I listened for the demo version of byrjun, and it's just wonderful. I always wanted the final piano solo of Hjartad hamast to be longer, in the final version only weakly mentioned... I always wanted to have a version like that, and I knew that it was thought to be longer.
Thank you very much, really.

victoryrose said...

So happy to hear it, thanks :^ )