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Iron and Wine - Live Amstel Amsterdam 28.06.2003 & KCRW

Iron and Wine - Live Amstel Amsterdam 28.06.2003 & KCRW 2002 / 2007

3 shows for you here. been wanting to post some Iron and Wine for a while. Its a little different to Sigur Ros ! but i like Sam Beam (above) because he has an 'epic' beard and a very similar temperament to Sigur ros. By that I mean he is a very gentle, humble and down to earth character. his music is singer song writer in the tradition of soft bluegrass. He has the enviable talent of being able to write amazing songs out of ordinary things.

Sam Beam was born and raised in South Carolina before eventually moving to Florida to study film at Florida State University. After receiving his MFA from FSU, he moved south and began teaching Film and Cinematography at the University of Miami.

In 2002, he released his debut album on SubPop Records – traditionally a more rock-oriented label based in Seattle (though they have occasionally released records by singer/songwriters such as Rosie Thomas and Danielle Howle).

The Creek That Drank the Cradle (2002) was recorded and produced entirely by Beam himself at his home in Miami. On it, Beam can be heard playing all the instruments and singing in a hushed, secretive, but still rather melodic voice. His songs range from in-depth literate narratives ("Jesus the Mexican Boy") to love songs ("Naked As We Came"), and have helped to usher in a new generation of folk-pop singer/songwriters.

Since releasing The Creek, Beam/Iron & Wine has developed a fierce following. He has released nine albums to date, including his most recent collaboration with indie rock/alt.country band Calexico.

As I have uploaded 3 shows in one posting I wont include the track listing

download kcrw 06.12.2002
download kcrw 29.11.2007
download amstel festival 28.06.2003

KCRW Password: victoryrosemusic
Amstel Festival - No Password

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