Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Sigur ros - BBC Electric Proms - 25.10.2007

And here for your visual pleasure is the video of the concert. This is not the low quality 80MB rip that has been widely available but a rip direct from the uncompressed file.

Track list:

01 Heima
02 Samskyeti
03 Vaka
04 Von
05 Staralfur

New Link: 29/08/2010 - [SS] Download


Anonymous said...

that's a great live of sigur ros..
but after i finish all of this, right click and 'extract files' doesnt work ! thx..

victoryrose said...
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victoryrose said...

you need to right click on file oo1 extract files. then the rest follow on automatically. If u still have problems please e-mail me direct so we can make sure u can receive this beautiful concert