Friday, 3 October 2008

Parachutes - Live (Support band for Sigur ros) RE-MASTER 2008

Parachutes - Live Chicago - 24.09.2008 - Re Mastered

Really enjoying this amazing band at the moment. They are such a beautiful accompaniment to Sigur ros. Its not always easy to distinguish between them. Perhaps not surprising in that Alex is the partner of jonsi ! I believe there will be an album forthcoming in the not too distant future. There isnt much information about this band except for this short preamble:

Originally Alex Somers and Scott Alario, Parachutes is now a 7 piece Icelandic pop band. Their music creates a soundscape of flowing rhythms , beautifully fashioned drum thumps, and orchestrated harmonies. The songs Your Stories and Tree Roots Turn to Forts were mixed by Jonsi Birgisson of Sigur Rós and feature the strings of Amiina.

The following information is supplied by the taper. I have taken the liberty of re-mastering this concert. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you to JB for a job well done. The second half of the show - Sigur ros is now available, posted at a later date on this blog.

Taped by JB September 24th 2008 at the Chicago Theatre, Chicago
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01 Your Stories
02 Grass leaves
03 Unknown
04 Unknown
05 Unknown
06 Tree roots turn to forts


Password: victoryrosemusic

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Grass leaves by Parachutes (Full studio track)