Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Sigur ros - Hammersmith Apollo London 12.02.2003 RE-MASTER 2008

Sigur ros - Hammersmith Apollo London 12.02.2003 RE-MASTER 2008

Im very happy to post this concert from 2003. Its a superb and unique concert for a number of reasons.
Firstly, an extremely rare rendition of Staralfur Live.
Secondly a perfectly sung and moving Guitardjamm.
Thirdly, here Jonsi sings a version of Vaka where he really lets go at the end. I've only ever seen him do this on the video of 'Last Call with Carson Daly'. The version on the album really seems to downplay this part of Vaka which seems a great shame. Seeing the emotion and intensity that you see on the video always gives me goosebumps
Fourthly, its also particularly moving hearing Jonsi sing in the background of Samskyeti, almost it sounds like, to himself. Perhaps quite poignant when you consider the meaning of Samskyeti as being attachment.

This was a particularly difficult concert to master due to many 'low end' and other issues with the original. Its taken a lot of work to get it here, Its not perfect but i hope I've managed to bring out the best possible for your enjoyment.

Track list:

01 Vaka
02 Milano
03 Staralfur
04 Njosnavelin
05 Ny Batteri
06 Samskyeti
07 Gong
08 E-bow
09 Viorar vel til Loftarasa
10 Hafssol
11 Guitardjam
12 Popplagio

download part 1
download part 2
download part 3

Password: victoryrosemusic


J Arthur said...

I'm downloading this show now, and I can not wait to hear "Samskeyti". Good luck with the blog. It looks like it will be a special one. I already have it bookmarked.

J Arthur said...

Had to comment again, having listened to the Apollo tracks. Well done. Sound quality is excellent. This is from 03, so I'm thinking Milano and Gong are in formative stages. I've heard a version of an early Milano from a concert I got on the FTP site, but this one trumps it. Thanks again.