Saturday, 11 October 2008

Mono - Live 10.11.2005 Philadelphia - RE-MASTER 2008

Mono - Live 10.11.2005 Philadelphia - First Unitarian Church-RE-MASTER 2008

Mono is almost like the Japanese sister band to Explosions in the Sky, like 2 different sides of the same coin. There is a real heartfelt intensity in their music which often feels like being gently coaxed to the edge of a cliff to marvel at the beautiful view only to become overwhelmed and thrown off and have your life flashing before you before you begin your descent . . .
Or as explained in a recent interview:
" Japanese 'new-classic'-heroes (they don't like to be referred to as 'postrock') are slowly conquering the hearts of audiences around the globe with their sober and minimalistic but dashingly honest compositions "

Anyway the concert presented here is the best quality live Mono I have heard. The guitars are well placed in the soundfield with a perfect punchy drums and symbols right in the middle. A superb show. The original source is a video shot by Schlacking at the 1st Unitarian Church in Philadelphia. There is on occasion some sound from the camera and a little whispering.
Enjoy this unique concert. With thanks to Schlacking

Re-uploading tonight. Will be available (Re-Mastered from fresh source and re-posted HERE)

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