Friday, 17 October 2008

Sigur ros - Chicago Theatre - Chicago 24.09.2008 - RE-MASTER 2008

Sigur ros - Chicago Theatre - Chicago 24.09.2008 - RE-MASTER 2008

Lineage: Date: Taper:JB e-mail:radioheadusa@comcast.netDC++ screenname: radiohead8989 date of seeding: September 25, 2008 Source Info:>Edirol R9 (24bit/48kHz) (Line In)>Core sound HEB (4060) >Adobe Audition (3DB Amplify)>CDWAVE>FLAC (level 8)

Im very happy to post this one for two reasons. First its the companion to Parachutes show posted earlier, so now we have the 1st complete show posted.
Second there is a real treat waiting for you on this one. Jonsi sings solo on stage with his acoustic, a heart rendingly beautiful version of Illgresi. You hear him giggle when he fluffs a chord. Also in this show, the last song Popplagio begins really slow, much slower than previously to build up into that fantastic crescendo at the end. I dont know how they do it, but they just keep getting better ! Again big thanks to JB for taping this.

Track list:

o1 Sven-G-englar
02 Glosoli
03 Ny batteri
04 E-bow
05 Fljotavik
06 Vio spilum endalaust
07 Hoppipolla
08 Meo blotnasir
09 Inni mer syngur vitleysyngur
10 Festival
11 Usvo hljott
12 Heysatat
13 Saeglpour
14 Hafsol
15 Gobbledigook
16 Illgresi
17 Popplagio

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